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My Castor Mini Rex

I can't wait to see what some of these crosses
produce. But I only have one problem that I think
most breeders have dealt with, limited cages.
So, if you're interested in anything here, just let me
know because I will most likely have some nice
babies coming from the rabbits shown here.

Senior Buck
D.O.B. - 9/15/2001
Ear # - V
Reg. # - S248A
3 Legs
Heavenly has great type and color. He also throws

excellent babies.

Senior Buck
(Hart's Speedy X DS Mystikal Majic)
D.O.B. - 9/10/2001
Ear # - KH7
Reg. # -
3 Legs
Jeremy is a smaller buck with good
type and color. I will be showing
him this summer.

Junior Buck
(Twilight's Heavenly x Twilight's Sevendust)
D.O.B. - 2/12/2002
Ear # - KH5

Reg. # -
2 Legs

Senior Doe
D.O.B - 5/14/2001
Andromeda had become an excellent brood doe for me
has produced some exceptional babies.

Senior Doe
D.O.B. - 7/19/1998
Ear # - TW47
Reg. # - H200Y

Junior Doe
(Twilight's Heavenly x Twilight's Sevendust)
Ear # - KH6
Reg. # -
1 Leg
Aphrodite is a very promising little doe with
an already great body type.